Welcome to register for the Midwinter Ball 2016!

What is your full name, please?

What is your contact number?

How would you like to sign up?

Please enter the full names of the persons you would like to register and also indicate after their names their preferred menu (M for meat, F for fish, V for vegetarian). If you have any dietary requirements, like allergies, etc, please let us know.

If you don’t know this when registering you can let us know later by email. Please note that if we do not hear from you the participants will be served meat.

How would you like to pay for your registration?

By cheque:
Please make it payable to “SBAS”
send it to:
111 Somerset Road #05-01
TripleOne Somerset
Singapore 238164

By bank transfer: 
DBS Bank, 8 Shenton Way, Singapore 068809
Account No: 001-016410-4
Bank Code: 7171
Branch Code: 001
Swift address: DBSSSGSG
Account Name: Swedish Business Association of Singapore

The number of seats are limited and in case of over-booking the timing of registration and receipt of payment will have priority.

Your attendance is not confirmed until you get an email from SBAS confirming receipt of funds.

Please note that registrations are binding and no refunds will be made if cancellations are received after the RSVP date.

Now you just have to submit your registration by clicking ´Register´!

Many thanks and we look forward to seeing you at the Ball!

If you have any questions, please send an email to: swedbiz@singnet.com.sg

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